Are you Ready to Stop Smoking and become a Natural Non-Smoker

If you have tried to stop smoking using willpower alone and found it difficult. This is because there is a conflict between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

While the conscious mind wants to stop and I know you really do want to stop, the subconscious mind (the part that keeps your heart beating, stores memories etc.) hasn’t been reset for the change and still wants to fulfil the habit.

By using hypnosis together we will move you to a state where you will be able to relax. I will then make suggestions given directly to your subconscious mind to help you make the change at the deepest level. By changing how you think and feel about smoking the new behaviours that you make will lead to lasting change.

Although hypnosis is one of the most successful ways to stop smoking, I cannot give you an absolute guarantee of success, no therapist can. I will work with your motivation for wanting to become a natural non smoker, tailoring the session individually to you. I will with your permission record the hypnosis part of the session and send you a copy.

If you’re ready to become a natural non-smoker, why not book for an initial chat.  I offer stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions in Broomhill, Sheffield or Via Zoom